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EP #134: Gardner Beson

Updated: Mar 7

In this episode, Gardner and Dan talk about a variety of things, including Gardner's experiences working on studios for artists like Chris Lake, Mr. Bill, Matt Davis (Dolby Surround), and others. He shares tips for home studio acoustic treatment, the struggles with overcoming addictions, Ableton vs. Bitwig, and recent stories about artists stealing samples and copying another artist's music.

GARDNSOUND (aka. No Effort, and Whitey McWhiterson) is a jack-of-all-trades from Atlanta, GA. He’s held positions as a Studio Builder, Musician, Video Editor, Chef, Accountant, Prop Builder, and SQL Admin in addition to his life-long passion for writing electronic music. His studio construction projects include working with Chris Lake, Mr. Bill, Hacienda Mastering (Dolby Surround) and other artist's rooms. GARDNSOUND writes a variety of music, most recently focused on ambient, textural, modular driven composition - which can be found on all major streaming platforms. GARDNSOUND also moonlights as the lofi artist “No Effort”, as well as the hip hop artist known as “Whitey McWhiterson”. In addition to popular music venues, Gardner has performed as an orchestral musician in various concert halls across the United States and Europe. As GARDNSOUND he has released a total of 6 studio albums, with at least 2 more to be released this year. He has been credited as a studio musician, recording engineer, performer, remix artist, or composer on over 27 albums and releases to date outside of his own work.

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