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#142: Josh Spoon

In this episode, Josh Spoon and Dan chat about their favorite Max for Live devices, Josh's experience teaching Ableton Live to a Saudi Prince, his experience working with Cycling '74 and working in the comedy scene, favorite gear, and more.

Josh Spoon is a programmer, musician, producer and Ableton Certified Trainer who has been performing music around L.A. for over a decade. He's worked on projects with companies like Ableton, Creative Live, Splice, Yamaha, iZotope, Mixed in Key and currently works full time at Cycling '74.

Josh has written curriculum for Musicians Institute, Point Blank L.A., Garnish Music School, and has taught hundreds of artists Ableton Live, including a Saudi Prince. He's most proud of his latest release, "Music 2 Float 2," where he plays guitar for the first time.

Josh also worked as a DJ on the show Can I Kick It with comedians Tone Bell, Al Jackson and Joe DeRosa, and worked with Neal Brennan, Michelle Buteau, Chris Redd, Mosha Kashar, and many others. Josh has provided Ableton Live playback support for artist like Giorgio Moroder, ZZ Ward, and the list goes on. Loopy Pro is a new live-performance DAW and looper which lets you easily build ANY kind of setup. You get unlimited loops and one-shot clips, a fully capable mixer, support for multi-channel USB soundcards, and deep plugin support with inserts, sends and instruments. Join many other professional artists and download the free trial below...


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