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#148: Interview with Drum & Lace

In this episode, Dan and Sofia chat about everything from spatial audio design, scoring for TV and film, her vocal processing, favorite gear and orchestral plugins, what it's like scoring for documentaries and more.

Drum & Lace, also known as Sofia degli Alessandri-Hultquist, is a versatile artist and composer hailing from Florence, Italy. Her music defies genre boundaries, blending sampled field recordings, lush synths, chamber instruments, and electronic beats, reflecting a chameleon-like nature. Inspired by film music, musique concrète, and the natural world, she creates textured electronica by harmoniously combining diverse sounds.

In 2022, Drum & Lace unveiled her debut LP, "Natura," on the ambient vinyl label Past Inside the Present. The album features contributions from the London Contemporary Orchestra and Italian drummer Valentina Magaletti. Her live performances often incorporate audio-visual and spatial elements, showcasing her fascination with the synergy of music and technology. With notable film and television projects in her portfolio, including AppleTV+'s 'Dickinson' and NBC's 'Good Girls,' Drum & Lace is a distinguished artist in her field, and she is currently based in London, UK, while working on her second LP.

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