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150: Interview with Frequent

In this episode, Frequent (Nolan) shares music production tips, his music background, the mental aspects of being a producer, Nyquist Theory, why using templates doesn't matter, joining a collective vs. a label, why everyone should get better at mixing and mastering their own tracks, among other topics. COPYCATT also joins the conversation later in the episode.

Born and raised in Colorado, Frequent has left his mark on various niches of electronic music. He's brought his sound anywhere from busted out warehouses and underground clubs to massive venues and festival stages. His more prominent performances include Red Rocks, Coalesce, and Infrasound among many others. Nolan has also shared the stage with recognized artists like Tipper, Amon Tobin / Two Fingers, Jade Cicada, Illenium, Chee, Kursa, and others.

In 2013 Frequent spearheaded the music collective UPSCALE which he runs to this day alongside Hudson Lee. Since its creation they have worked with countless influential artists including names like KOAN Sound, Mr Bill, Au5, COPYCATT, Vorso, and many more. As of recently UPSCALE has brought many of its artists together from around the globe to perform at curated events across the US and Canada.

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