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EP #107: Podcast Highlights

In this episode, Dan highlights some of the best moments from EP #26 - #35. Listen below...

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EP #26 w/ Erin Barra Erin is a music technologist, songwriter, and Professor at Boston's Berklee College of Music. She is also the Founder of Beats By Girlz, an educational group training young female artists. EP #27 & 28 w/ Jason Timothy Jason runs the site, teaching artists how to produce, while also addressing the mental side of music production. He’s taught thousands through his YouTube and social media channels, and is the author of the best seller book Music Habits: The Mental Game of Electronic Music Production EP #29 w/ Graham Plant - SUBPAC In this episode Graham Plant, the Head of Sales & Partnerships at SUBPAC, talks about solving bass and low-frequency issues for producers, engineers, and performing artists.
EP #30 w/ Cliff Goldmacher Cliff is a songwriter, music producer, and educator. He’s played and produced on thousands of recordings and album projects for major and independent publishers and labels. He has also taught workshops for music rights organizations like BMI, ASCAP and presented about songwriting for TEDx. EP #31 w/ Tim Linetsky (Underbelly) Tim has created Ableton Live tutorials for DJ Tech Tools, Earmark, Pyramid, and collaborated with respected artists like Lido, Tchami, Keys N Krates, Giraffage, and many others. EP #32 w/ Bobby Owsinski Bobby Owsinski is an author, mixing engineer, producer and songwriter. His credits include working with artists like The Who, Willie Nelson, Neil Young, Iron Maiden, The Ramones, and many others. EP #33 w/ Craig Anderton Craig is an internationally recognized engineer, educator, and music technologist. He's authored over 35 books, mastered hundreds of tracks, played Carnegie Hall, written for magazines like Guitar Player, Keyboard, Sound on Sound, Electronic Musician, Pro Sound News, Mix. He's consulted leading companies like Gibson, Microsoft, Steinberg, Roland, Acoustica, E-Mu, Peavey, Alesis, Akai Professional, Native Instruments, Cakewalk, Ableton, Avid, and dozens more. EP #34 w/ Animal Prince In this episode, the indie-electro-pop duo known as Animal Prince and I discuss tips we learned from the DIY Musicians Conference in Austin, TX. We discuss a lot of marketing tips, resources, and insights for independent artists wanting to make a career and grow a following with music. EP #35 w/ BINKBEATS Frank Wienk (also known as BINKBEATS is a producer, multi-instrumentalist and composer known for using organic sounds and unconventional instruments combined with electronic music. He’s also known for performing intense live looping, and has been selling out major venues around the world.

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