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EP #114: KJ Sawka

KJ SAWKA is a well-established drummer, producer, and DJ in the electronic music scene. As a Grammy-nominated drummer, he's performed with major artists including Illenium, Excision, Blake Lewis (American Idol), ill Gates, and many others. His credits include performing on The Ellen Degeneres Show, Jimmy Kimmel, Craig Ferguson, and is widely known for his work as a member of Pendulum and Destroid, headlining major festivals including Ultra Music Festival. His newer project -The Private Language blends hip hop, funk, and electronic dance music with front-singer Blake Lewis, a runner-up in American Idol.

As an early adopter of Ableton Live since version 3, KJ Sawka pushes the boundaries of live music combining DJing with drum technology. He's released numerous Packs with Ableton, and has been endorsed by major music companies including Tama Drums, Roland, PreSonus, Mackie, Loopmasters, Slate Digital, SoundToys, and many others.

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