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EP #125: Podcast Highlights

Listen to the best podcast moments from episodes #44 - #48.

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Episodes Featured:

#44 - Playback Engineering w/ Electronic Creatives Team

In this special episode, the Electronic Creatives team shares their experiences setting up live performances for today’s major touring artists. Listen as Laura Escude, AJ Ramirez, and Greg Somerville share stories and what it takes to be a high level playback engineer in the industry

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#45 - Hacking Ableton Live & Music Production w/ Azuki

In this episode, Yan Zhu (Azuki) shares her experiences hacking software (including Ableton Live) and her approach to producing and performing music.

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#46 - Vintage Microphones & Adventure Recording w/ Sylvia Massy

In this episode, Sylvia Massy shares her experiences doing adventure recording, her collection of the world's oldest microphones, and deep insights on audio engineering...including how to properly mic a chicken.

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#47 - Making Music Using Machine Learning with J.J. Burred

In this episode, J.J. Burred and Dan discuss the development of machine learning in today's music, how it's benefiting producers, and the future of music software with source separation.

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#48 - Music Production & Live Performance w/ Daiza

In this episode, Danielle Thwaites and Dan discuss setting up a live performance, favorite gear and plugins, and the music production process.

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