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Episode #95: In The Studio w/ Eluize

In this episode, Emma Louise Sainsbury (aka Eluize) shares about her studio setup, production process using Ableton Live, her experience moving to Berlin to pursue a music career, and much more.

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Eluize is a Berlin-based techno/ house DJ and producer originating from Australia. Her music has been featured by Redbull Choice Mix as #1 in the Global Detroit Techno Chart and #2 in the Global Dark Techno Chart. She's been featured by Ableton, MixMag, and Beatport, among others. In 2020 Eluize started a coaching initiative supporting Womxn and Non-binary people in electronic music production, performance and label management. She founded the label Night Tide, with a sister label called Bermuda Series that focuses on electronic music across many genres produced by womxn. Eluize has performed at major clubs and festivals across Europe including: Grießmühle, Tresor and Salon Zur WildenRenate Berlin,IFZ, Mjut and Electric Weekender Festival Leipzig, Südpol Hamburg, Nation of Gondwana, Fusion Festival, Masters Zagreb, Canvas & 22 tracks Festival Amsterdam, and many others.

Instagram: @EluizeMusik





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