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Episode #97: In The Studio w/ Ceci Gomez

In this episode with Ceci Gomez, we talk about her experience playing synth and running Ableton Live for Charli XCX while on tour with Taylor Swift, tools for producers to use for remote collaboration, unique workflows in the studio like re-amping, and much more. Listen to the conversation below...

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ABOUT Ceci Gomez

Ceci Gomez is a Los Angeles-based experimental music producer, performer, and multi-instrumentalist. Her credits include collaborations with with Rebecca Black, Charlie XCX, Baauer, The Regrettes, Francisca Valenzuela, Lunice, Nasty Cherry & many others. Ceci also started her latest project DAGR with co-producer Veronica Jane, blending underground pop with hip hop.


Episode Supported By Melodics

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