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Episode #87: Intuitive Music Production & Live Performance w/ Jlin

In this episode, Jlin and Dan talk about using intuition while producing music, her live performance setup with Push 2, and many other things.

Jlin is the recording alias of Jerrilynn Patton, an electronic music producer from Gary, Indiana. Initially associated with Chicago's footwork scene, her music evolved far beyond that style, exploring unheard rhythms and placing her in a category of her own. She quit her job as a steel mill worker to pursue music full-time. As one of the most acclaimed experimental electronic artists of the 2010's, she has shared the stage or collaborated with artists such as Björk, Ben Frost, Kyle Abraham, and William Basinski. Additionally, she has ventured into contemporary dance, composing the music for Wayne McGregor's Autobiography (Harry Potter, The Legend of Tarzan, etc.)

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