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Episode #93: Using Push - Ableton Certified Trainer Series

In this episode, Ableton Certified Trainers Darren Kramer and Wyatt Meagher share their workflows using the PUSH 2 MIDI controller.

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Darren Kramer is an innovative trombonist, DJ, XO professional brass artist, and Ableton Certified Trainer, creating live remixes using live looping, effects, Push beat slicing, virtual synths, vocoder and the iPad Lemur app. He’s been a professional musician for over 30 years, collaborating with Grammy Award Winning saxophonist -Michael Brecker. Darren has also toured with artists such as Matchbox Twenty and performed on the legendary Broadway show Duke Ellington's Sophisticated Ladies.

Wyatt Meagher is a producer, performer, and teacher based in Miami, Florida. He manages the Miami Ableton Live User Group and taught at the Miami Conservatory of Music. He's performed at major music festivals including Ultra Music Festival with the group Telekinetic Walrus, and produces under the name Y Diz.

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