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THE Angry goose sample contest

Win +$500 in prizes creating a 30 second (or less) track with samples from an angry goose. 

Deadline: July 31st, 2021

Ableton Certified Trainer - Dan Giffin was terrorized by geese outside his apartment. Thankfully he got some good samples...


HOw to enter

Download sample

Get weird with the goose sample, turn it into a synth, or whatever. Make a 30 second beat and upload

Post your beat in the discord group

Join the Private Ableton Discord Group HERE, post your beat in the #Contests channel

submit to win 3 prizes

Use this form to upload and enter to win.

prizes for 3 winners


Annual subscription

The best way to build your skills on a MIDI keyboard, pad controller, or electronic drum kit

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free ableton pack

Choose 1 pack from to expand your library of sounds & effects.

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  • Slink - A filter bank of rippling effects

  • NEDIT - Slice, glitch, juggle, & squirt effects

  • The Percolator - The ultimate Max for Live effects module

Winner Announced August 4th

Deadline: July 31st, 2021

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