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fast-track your skills using Ableton live with video courses by Certified trainer
-Dan Giffin

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Ableton Live mixing image.png

Intro to Ableton Live 11 Production

Get started producing with Ableton Live's essential workflows and instruments


Djing in Ableton Live

Get started creating DJ sets and learn a variety of workflows for the stage.


PUSH 2 Controller CoursE

Learn the essential workflows producing & performing with Ableton's Push 2 MIDI controller

Ableton Live Mixing Course Image.jpg

MixinG Essentials 101
in Ableton

Improve the quality of your tracks learning essential mixing practices in Ableton Live, including EQ, compression, saturation, reverb, and much more.

live performance image.jpg

Ableton Live performance Course

Learn how to take your tracks from studio to stage to perform with live instruments

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APC40 MKii Course

Learn a variety of workflows on how to use the APC40 with Ableton Live from studio to stage.

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