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160: Interview with Jesse Terry

In this episode, Jesse Terry shares his experience leading Ableton's team in designing Push and the APC40. Dan and Jesse also discuss the process of designing Push, new and potential features to come, Jesse's favorite gear and Live devices, his music projects, and more. 

Jesse Terry is the Head of Hardware at Ableton, and leads the team designing and manufacturing Ableton Push. 

He joined Ableton in 2005 working in artist and partner relations, which led him to help design the first dedicated Ableton controller, the APC40 (made in collaboration with Akai Professional). Since that time he built up a hardware team at Ableton focused on making Ableton Push and looking towards the future of hardware at Ableton.

His work at Ableton includes looking into sustainability, manufacturing, and user experience – but his main focus is making the product he uses every day better for the variety of users who have adopted it. He is a multi-instrumentalist and student of many kinds of music; in his free time, he plays guitar, bass, and keys and produces electronic and hip-hop under the alias Jethroe and with his band Countach. Jesse currently lives in Philadelphia.

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