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166: Interview with Barclay Crenshaw

Barclay Crenshaw, widely recognized under his stage name Claude VonStroke, is a seminal figure in electronic music, best known as the founder of the influential Dirtybird label. Under Claude VonStroke, he spearheaded a movement that redefined tech-house with a playful and quirky edge, leading Dirtybird to become a beloved brand with a global following. His innovative approach not only won him several awards but also solidified his status with iconic tracks and memorable performances at major festivals worldwide. In a bold career move, Barclay sold Dirtybird to Empire Records, stepping back from his Claude VonStroke persona to delve deeper into his roots with the 'Open Channel' project, marking his transition into avant-garde bass and electronica. This project was celebrated with a new album and a headline tour, showcasing his evolution and continued relevance in the ever-changing music landscape. 

In 2024, Barclay also launched Imperial Dust, a software and sample company, with its first product, the Nasty Channel plug-in, aimed at empowering producers with unique sound design tools. This venture underscores his ongoing influence and adaptability within the music industry, bridging his past achievements with fresh creative pursuits.

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