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167: Interview with Philip Meyer

Philip Meyer is a software developer, artist, and educator based in Los Angeles. He makes devices for generating rhythms and melodies for Ableton Live, most recently a collection of several generative MIDI Tools for Ableton Live 12. He is also the creator of the Rhythm and Time Toolkit, and package for Max MSP for modular sequencing. 

Philip’s goal is to create playful, intuitive, and powerful sequencing devices that help artists to discover new musical forms. Driving Philip’s design approach is the goal to blur the line between composition and performance, in which an artist creates a thoughtful, deliberate composition but works fluidly and intuitively. 

Philip is an active member of the Max MSP and Ableton Live communities. He is a Max Certified Trainer and makes video lessons for YouTube on programming and music production techniques in Max and Ableton.

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