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#139: ROCAsound

In this episode, Sebastian shares his process behind composing and producing music for film, his approach to sound design, manipulating organic sounds and instruments, working with directors in the film industry, favorite analog gear, Ableton Live workflows, and more.

Grammy-Nominated composer, producer, and remixer Sebastian Arocha Morton is one of today’s most eclectic and innovative musicians in the LA scene. He's composed and produced for award-winning films including Iron Man 2, Houdini, Robocop, The Spongebob Movie, Little Miss Sunshine, Disney's "Iron Man Experience" and "World of Color". Additional credits include video games such as EA's Madden 2019, and Primetime TV Hits "Young Sheldon”, "The Orville", “Mr. Robot", Tyler Perry's “Alex Cross”, among many others.

Sebastian's work (under the moniker ROCAsound) also includes collaborations with artists such as Sting on the Billboard #1 track “Never Coming Home”, Mary J.Blige, Seal, Enrique Iglesias, Ricky Martin, Rick James, Kaskade, Santana, Counting Crows, and eclectic drum programming and production sessions with the London Symphony for David Sylvian and Ryuichi Sakamoto’s iconic “Scent of Magnolia”. Not to mention many other credits and artist collaborations.

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