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153: Interview with Taetro

In this episode Taetro shares his favorite studio controllers, gear, plugins, and why he loves using Push 3. He also shares a bit about AI editing tools, what it's like being a full-time content creator on YouTube, why artists should be monetizing their content, his musical journey, and more. 

Taetro (Nick) is an artist, content creator/ YouTuber, and educator currently based in Austin, Texas. With over 300,000+ YouTube subscribers, he's cultivated a worldwide community of studio producers teaching his music production tips, hosting production challenges and charity events, and more. Taetro is also known for his controllerism, creating videos to feature the latest music gear and software. He's had sponsorships by many of today's most popular music brands. 

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Special thanks to KMG Life Studios in Denver, CO where this episode was recorded.


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