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155: Interview With Lettuce (Shmeeans)

In this episode, Lettuce co-founder and guitarist Adam Smirnoff (Shmeeans) talks about the band's long history and songwriting process, tips for creating great demos, his favorite Ableton Live tools and plugins, and more.

Lettuce is a GRAMMY Award-nominated six-piece group comprised of Adam Deitch [drums, percussion, arrangement], Adam “Shmeeans” Smirnoff [guitar], Erick “Jesus” Coomes [bass], Ryan Zoidis [alto, baritone, tenor sax, Korg X-911], Eric “Benny” Bloom [trumpet, horns], and Nigel Hall [vocals, keys, clavinet]. 

With a large and diverse discography, the group has collaborated with notable artists including Wu-Tang Clan, Chaka Khan, John Scofield, Fred Wesley, JB Horns, and many others. The group has sold out hundreds of shows across the USA and internationally, as they continue to be innovators that push the boundaries of hip-hop, rock, psychedelia, funk, jazz, soul music.

Lettuce recently released VIBE on digital platforms– a single 48 minute continuous session of pure, free-flowing improvisation, available digitally for the first time off vinyl. 

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