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156: Interview With Diastrata (RECESS)

In this episode, Drew and Dan talk about Diastrata's live setup, new Live 12 MIDI features, how to fatten sounds with Drum Buss, latency, versatile tools for performing in Arrangement View, and more.


Drew Birch is the co-founder of Diastrata (formerly RECESS) with Ian Gilley originating from Arkansas before relocating to Colorado. They've performed in various venues, either with RECESS, solo, or collaborating with esteemed producers. Noteworthy achievements include playing at Red Rocks in 2021 with Sunsquabi, releasing a vinyl EP titled "RECESS" on Philos Records, and contributing to the first Flamingosis "live band" show. Their solo career gained traction with a debut performance at Meow Wolf and they're currently focused on refining their solo sound, releasing new material with Philos Records, and planning national tours with different projects for the upcoming summer and fall. 

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