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157: Interview With Parris Fleming

In this episode, Dan and Parris discuss writing and arranging horns, how to get out of your own way while performing, Parris' experiences on the road and music journey, favorite mastering devices, sidechaining tools and methods, dissecting Parris' upcoming tracks in Ableton, and more. Parris Fleming, a distinguished horn arranger, producer, instrumentalist, and performer in Denver, CO, has made significant strides in the music industry, especially noted for his contributions to live performances.

His achievements include performing in sold-out residencies with Harry Styles, such as a 15-night stint at Madison Square Garden, another 15 nights at The KIA Forum, 6 nights each at The United Center and The Moody Center, and a 4-night residency at Wembley Stadium, alongside a memorable sold-out concert at Slane Castle. Notably, Fleming was part of breaking the single-concert attendance record in Scotland with an audience of over 65,000. His talents have also been recognized by Lotus Trumpets, leading to his endorsement by the brand. Additionally, his role as a member of the Motet highlights his versatility and commitment to his craft in the music world.

Parris will be releasing his first album soon under his artist name The Parrisian.

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