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158: Interview With Gardner Beson

In this episode Gardner Beson shares about room acoustics, mixing his new album, comparing Bitwig to Ableton Live features, AI apps, favorite plugins, and more. 

GARDNSOUND (aka. No Effort, and Whitey McWhiterson) is a jack-of-all-trades from Atlanta, GA. He’s held positions as a Studio Builder, Musician, Video Editor, Chef, Accountant, Prop Builder, and SQL Admin in addition to his lifelong passion for writing electronic music. His studio construction projects include working with notable artists like Chris Lake, Mr. Bill, Hacienda Mastering (Dolby Surround), and other professional rooms.

In addition to popular music venues, Gardner has performed as an orchestral musician in various concert halls across the United States and Europe. He has been credited as a studio musician, recording engineer, performer, remix artist, or composer on over 27 albums and releases to date outside of his own work.

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