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EP #132: Copycatt

In this episode, Dan and Andre (COPYCATT) talk about a variety of things, including:

  • Sidechaining Techniques in Ableton Live with Gate

  • How creativity is another form of relationship, and why it matters

  • Why cereal isn't as cool as it used to be

  • COPYCATT's journey as an artist

  • Various production tips and workflows

  • The mental obstacles of being a producer

COPYCATT is an Australian-based producer having a dedicated following in the neuro/ hip-hop scene, and is known for his unique sound design.

His collaborations include working with artists like Frequent and Mr. Bill, while having his tracks performed by established acts such as Pretty Lights, Haywyre, Mr Carmack, Tipper, Excision, and others.

Other credits include winning a national remix competition in 2016 for Australia's most popular radio broadcast Triple J, as well as winning a remix for the McDonalds theme song.

COPYCATT also released numerous sample packs and video tutorials sharing his music production skills.

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