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Episode #91: Mixing Tips - Ableton Certified Trainer Series

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

In this series of interviews with Ableton Certified Trainers, Dan talks with Brian Jackson and Mike Cupino about mixing and mastering. Both guests share their decades of experience in the studio on a variety of topics, including using reference tracks, mixing workflows, common audio problems and solutions, favorite plugins/ devices, and more.

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Brian M. Jackson is a music producer, electronic musician, audio engineer, and educator with over 20 years experience. He was among the first 5 Ableton Certified Trainers, and taught at many schools in Manhattan, including SAE, IAR, and was the electronic music program coordinator at SAE and curriculum director at Dubspot. He's the Author of The Music Producer's Survival Guide: Chaos, Creativity, and Career in Independent and Electronic Music (Sound on Sound Presents…). Brian also developed the four-part Ableton Live Beginners Course on

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