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Episode #84 - Mastering The Flow State w/ DiViNCi

In this episode, DiViNCi shares insights on how to master the "flow state" and fully immerse yourself into a more productive and creative process. He and Dan discuss the psychology of becoming a better producer/ performer, how to get out of your own way to achieve better results, and much more.

DiViNCi is a well experienced performer, producer, teacher, and founding member of Orlando-based Hip Hop group, Solillaquists of Sound. DiViNCi first gained notoriety by using multiple drum machines in ways the world had never seen before. His innovative use of music technology have led to stage & studio collaborations with such artists as Ms. Lauryn Hill, Nas, Victor Wooten, MF DOOM, and others. He currently runs the creative wellness training group Studio Sensei, where he teaches artists how to overcome mental obstacles and reach their goals.

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