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#138: Ableton Podcast Highlights - PART 7

Listen to the best moments with guests from episodes #57 - #62 sharing about producing for gaming, the future of music tech, building a vocal chain, different artist career paths, favorite gear, and more.

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#57 - Producing Experimental Bass Music w/ AHEE

In this episode, Chris Adams (AHEE) shares his approach to creating experimental bass music including sound design, Ableton devices, Serum, and other production methods.

#58 - Producing Music for Video Games w/ Elliot Callighan

In this episode, Dan and Elliot Callighan discuss the process of producing music for video games

#59 - Vocal Production and Music Workflow w/ Dresage

In this episode, Keeley (Dresage) shares insights into her music making process and vocal production workflows, favorite plugins, and experience producing for film and TV.

#60 - Music Production Insights w/ Yeuda Ben-Atar

In this episode Yeuda Ben-Atar discusses a variety of topics including the future of music tech, how artists can stay inspired, potential career paths for independent producers, and more.


#62 - Home Studio Gear & Software Reviews w/ Sanjay

In this episode, Sanjay and Dan review some of their favorite affordable studio gear and software.

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